Logging traditions

The timber industry was introduced in Lapland at the end of the nineteenth century. In the 1930s, the forests of Lapland were workplaces for around 20,000 men.

The Savukoski region has strong logging traditions. The last logging site was shut down in 1988 at Sotataipale and log floating stopped on the Kemijoki River in 1991. The Tulppio machined logging site dating back to 1913 – 1916 was Finland’s first machine powered logging site. Using a caterpillar tracked steam engine acquired from America, timber was hauled from the deep forests. The father of the logging site was Forest Manager of the Kemi Company Hugo Richard Sandberg, who was affectionately named Samperi.

In memory to the great logging sites, Savukoski has, for instance, three renovated logging cabins and the restored Samperi Steam Engine at Tulppio with collections of logging site and log floating items. Tourists can experience the genuine logging atmosphere by staying overnight in a restored logging cabin.