The Savukoski area has plenty of intriguing hiking routes. One of the marked trails can take you to the mysterious Korvatunturi fell, the home of Father Christmas! For geology enthusiasts, the number-one destination is the Kivitunturi geologigal nature trail, located 12 km from the parish village of Savukoski.

In the Savukoski region, the wide wilderness expanses with clean water provide great opportunities for a whole host of nature experiences.

Savukoski has a number of interesting excursion routes. Along the marked routes, you may even travel to see the mysterious Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain), the home of Santa Claus! Savukoski has fantastic and changing excursion routes, which traverse the rare open fell regions of Eastern Lapland. Those interested in geology will enjoy the geological excursion route of the Kivitunturi Fell close to the Savukoski parish village.

The region provides a whole host of possibilities for canoeing enthusiasts. The majority of the region's rivers have been surveyed for canoeists and canoeing maps may be obtained from the region's tourist information office.

It is also worth exploring the numerous interesting sights of the region, such as the steam engine dating back to the logging culture of the turn of the twentieth century or the wilderness house full of tales to tell.

In addition to the marked routes, the Savukoski wilderness area challenges adventurers to take their own trails in the wide expanses of the wilderness, in untouched wilds.