Eräopastus Martti Aaltonen
Program services
Heikki Kilpelä
The reindeer herder from Savukoski offers a variety of different activity programmes related to the local culture and countryside of Forest Lapland, as well as operating as a guide on trekking and canoeing trips.
Program services, Cultural experiences
Hotel Samperin Savotta
Hotel, Cabin, Sights, Program services, Equipment hire, Restaurant
Kairiver Wilderness Centre
Cabin, Program services
Kemihaara Holidays (Kemihaaran Loma)
Kemihaaran Loma is a small tourist company in providing individual services at the base of the Ear Mountain Fell (Korvatunturi) in Eastern Lapland.
Apartment/Guesthouse, Program services
Keminkylä Village Cooperative
In the wintertime husky dog sled rides and excursions in the snowy, picturesque countryside with Siberian-Alaskan huskies and samoyed dogs. Trekking excursions in the summertime accompanied by the dogs.
Education, Program services
Korvatunturi Holiday Oasis (Korvatunturin Lomakeidas)
Apartment/Guesthouse, Cabin, Program services
KorvatunturinMaan osuuskunta
Program services
Suopunkitytön Kennel
Husky dog sled rides and white water rafting guidance
Program services
T:mi Taikatonttu
Meetings with the folk of Ear Mountain (Korvatunturi), themes and other activity programmes for a variety of occasions.
Program services, Event Organizer, Cultural experiences
Vauhtitassun kennel
Program services