Hunting has traditions spanning centuries in the Savukoski area. In the past, the livelihood of the whole family was acquired by hunting for game. The Savukoski wilderness region is renowned for being an ideal spot for hunting, especially for hunting for birds with hunting dogs. The natural setting is perfect for hunting. Due to minimal vegetation, the visibility in the terrain is up to hundreds of kilometres. On the other hand, however, the openness of the countryside also means you should travel with care, adding just a little bit more excitement for the hunt. The capercaillie and grouse of the primeval forests provide challenges for even the most experienced of hunters. Those who prefer hunting for fowl with or without dogs can find willow grouse throughout the region. In addition, the Savukoski wilderness region have always been excellent hunting grounds for large game. Bears are hunted every year, and elks are also part of the wide range of large forest game. The most sought after fur animals and small predatory beasts are the fox and pine marten.