Logging cabins

The Savukoski wildernesses have been home to logging sites since the 1910s up to the end of the 1980s. Cabins were constructed for the large logging sites where lumberjacks, horsemen, cooks and foremen stayed at the site for extended periods. The cabins are located tens of kilometres from the villages and were often reached on foot or by horses, something that kept the men at the cabins.

The cabins were moved from place to place when the work ran out and new worksites were established upstream. In order to receive provisions at the site, an agreement was made with a local shopkeeper who would deliver the goods to the wilderness. These “travelling tradesmen” sold the lumberjacks the provisions they required, such as tobacco, tools and clothing. Each cabin had its own cook who took care of preparing food for the workers. A maintenance fee was deducted from the workers’ salaries. With the decommissioning of the last logging sites at the end of the 1980s, efforts were made at the last minute to preserve the Savukoski logging site traditions.

The Municipality of Savukoski provides these restored logging cabins for hire. They are excellent for using as a bases for excursions, camps and training courses. The cabins are also ideal venues for a variety of festivities, such as weddings and Christmas parties. The Alatammi cabins are available for hire for 7 days at a time. The Kuusikko-oja cabin is only hired out for daytime use. The rental fees charged are mainly to cover maintenance costs.

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